Summer Skincare Survival Guide

The summer season tends to lead us all to think of pools, beaches, cocktails and subsequently  sunburns and bad decisions. Repent no more, we’ve got your back (literally) with ways to keep you looking tan and healthy.

To avoid looking like a dusty bag of raisins, be sure to cover up and hydrate! Use sunblock daily, and make sure you put it on liberally 20 minutes before you leave the house or hotel room. Shower after you swim in the pool or the sea, and eat hydrating fruits and veggies such as cucumbers and melons.

Here at Baopals, we want to keep you healthy. We’ve collected a choice set of sunblocks, hydrating skin sprays and post-sun exposure treatments that you can use all throughout this sweltering season.

Neutrogena Body Mist Sunscreen Spray (SPF30), 141g


A good city sunblock, this light mist dries easily and doesn't stain clothes.

Laroche-Posay Sunscreen (SPF50), 50ml


One of the best rated sunblock brands in the world for both face and body.

Aveeno Oatmeal Daily Moisturizing Lotion, 532ml


Extended sun exposure is bound to make your skin itchy. Reach for a cooling and softening rub down with natural oatmeal lotion.

Evian Natural Mineral Water Spray, 300ml


The classic face and skin moisturizing spray should be in everyone's bag. You'll look dewy and refreshed, and feel so alive!

Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist Toner, 50ml


Green tea isn't just for the tummy, it helps to keep your skin fresh and tightens pores. Who could say no to that?

Thayer's Witch Hazel With Aloe Vera, 355ml


Come home after a long hot day, dab your sweat off with the cooling properties of witch hazel (no potions included) and feel a lot less like a drowned rat.

PTR Cucumber Gel Masque, 150g


You could put a slice of cucumber on overheated skin, but then you'd look like a salad. Try spreading a soothing gel mask all over instead, and your pet rabbit won't try to chew on you.

Stenders Repair Your Hair! Mask, 250ml


Don't forget to protect your hair from sun damage! Massage this luxurious mask into your scalp once a week for lustrous locks all season long.

Blistex Mint Lipbalm (SPF15)


Minty fresh lips protected from UV rays are the way to go all summer long. The added menthol in the lipbalm will make your kisses a bit tingly too.

Guest blogger Mila Tan ditches coats and scarves in May for shorts and flip flops, but being from the tropics she knows better than to let the sun wreck havoc.