How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Here we have a few essential items for surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse.
Jack Daniel's Whiskey

Jack will be a faithful companion on long cold nights. After you finish, use him to bash in some skulls.

Wilson Volleyball

Are all your friends zombies now? Draw a face on this fellow and never feel alone again.

Cat Brass Knuckles

The world might be ending but it doesn't mean you shouldn't still look cute while defending yourself.

Camouflage Tape

If you run out of ideas you can just wrap your entire body in it and lay on the ground. Nobody will be able to see you!

The Mountain Graphic Tee

Let your wardrobe do the talking for you. The Mountain makes several graphic shirts that say, "I'm cool, but don't mess with me or I will rip your face off."

Light Water Storage Backpack

This backpack has a removable water pack built in, easily accessible by a long tube that leads directly to your mouth. It is lightweight and conveniently sized, perfect for staying hydrated while running for your life.

Beska Baseball Bat

Start up a friendly game of shirts and zombies baseball with a bat that can be used as a weapon if the zombies try to steal bases.

Cute Bird Whistles

It's no bird box but it will have to do...

Classic Photo Album

Don't forget who you are and who your friends were before they started trying to eat your brains.

3M Industrial Anti-Dust Mask From

Let's be real, if you're living in China you needed this yesterday.

Miniwell Portable Water Purification

Don't be the guy that survives several zombie attacks only to die from water poisoning.

Powerful Magnifying Glass

Use this magnifying glass to start fires or examine nature as you question the meaning of life and our purpose on this planet.

Long-Range Waterproof Flashlight

This flashlight is not messing around. It's got a built-in firestarter, sharp edges for self-defense and offers some serious wattage for 8-10 continuous hours.

Night Vision Binoculars

See the zombies before they see you. But who cares about the practical reasons, they are mother flippin' night vision binoculars.

Multifunctional Survival Kit

This handy survival kit comes with all of the hottest apocalypse accessories this season.