Take Your Pets To The Next Level

You've already leveled up by adding a furry friend to your life, but now it's time to take your pets to the next level. We’ve uncovered some pretty cool products to help you do just that.

CatGenie Smart Litter Box

Never clean up cat litter again with this self-cleaning, self-flushing litter box straight out of the future, when cats take over the planet and enslave us all.

Tropiclean Mouthwash For Dogs

Does your dog love to smooch you, but you can't bear to tell him that his breath is awful? Add a capful to your dog's water bowl for fresh breath and to promote oral health.

Cat Litter Deodorizing Balls

There's nothing like a big whiff of freshly used cat litter first thing in the morning. Add some of these scented balls to improve the smell of a litter box and you'll wish they made them for humans.

Drinkwell Automatic Water Fountain

Your cat or dog is going to invite all of their friends over so they can show off their fancy new drinking fountain.

Boots & Barkley Honey Dog Shampoo

If your pup struggles with itchy or irritated skin, treat them to a soothing scrub with honey, oatmeal and aloe vera and they will love you forever.

Cool Summer Pet Bed

As temperatures rise this summer, a raised pet bed that you can fill with cold water takes your pet's life to the next level and makes him into pet royalty.

Portable Spaceship Cat Backpack

Cats aren't known to be fun to travel with. This backpack probably won't change that fact, but it will make the experience a million times more picturesque and adorable.

Eye Envy Tear Stain Remover

Unless your dog is named Lil Wayne, tear drop stains aren't a good look. This product removes tear stains by keeping the area clean and dry, and prevents yucky build up so common with some dog and cat breeds.