The Best Of… Shaving Tools For Men

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Today's topic? Men's shaving equipment. Stick with the basic safety razor, or treat yourself to the convenience of an electric razor that can be used both wet or dry. If you're up for a challenge, a good straight razor will be well worth your time.

Baili Double-Sided Razor


Stop the madness of 3-4-5-10 blades and shave in style and up close; these shavers have a bit of a learning curve but this might just be the be all and end all with its cheap blades and a sleek design.

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Gillette Venus Women's Razor


If you're a man that likes to shave his armpits (a popular practice in many Eastern European, European and Asian countries) then it goes without saying that a razor designed for women will get you the best shave. Pretty soon you'll be laughing and dancing in a field just like the ladies in razor commercials!

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Philips FT658 Wet & Dry Razor


For those of you that prefer a rotary shaver, this razor has received a 4.8 rating out of over 24k reviews on Taobao. The Philips CloseCut system adjusts to every contour of your face and neck, is easy to clean and recharges quickly.

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Braun Wet & Dry Multi-Groomer


A classic German brand with intricate beard styling options that works dry and wet. 3 different attachments allow you to trim, style and shave yourself sexy, and anti-bacterial foil prevents razor burn and irritation.

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Boker King Cutter Straight Razor


If you're feeling your inner Sweeney Todd (without the murderous rage) then the polished straight razor is the choice for you. Boker is a well established brand and The King Cutter is their trademark blade made of moisture resistant Solingen razor steel. Suitable for beginners.

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