The Cool, the Cheap & the Crazy | 199th Edition

Chocolate Fountain

Pairs well with any food (or body part).

Yadi Lightweight Scooter Helmet

The Chinese Ministry of Public Security will launch their "one helmet, one belt" campaign on June 1, requiring all scooter riders to wear helmets on the road. Pick one up for yourself to avoid a ticket!

Baopals X Real CXL4 Fresh Pet Food, 100g * 4

Baopals has partnered with Real to offer a special deal on healthy dog food that's made from high-quality fresh ingredients, and is free of any artifical preservatives.

Magnetic Folding Chessboard

Looking for a new hobby that doesn't involve staring at your television for hours while eating waimai? Give the classic game of chess a try.

Durian House Slippers

Make sure you keep them clean or they might start smelling like the fruit they are modeled after.

Lobster Claw Oven Mitts

Bring in the dancing lobsters!!

Knit Lady Mask

She's beautiful on the inside.

Knit Pikachu Mask

Perfect for your next bank robbery!

Knit Face Mask

Which Rick and Morty character is this?

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