The Latest Celebrity Gossip About 11.11

November 11, better known as Singles' Day, is coming up quick! We took to the streets, alleyways and lanes of China to talk to some of the more well-known Baopals customers to see what they'll be purchasing during the biggest online sales event of the year.

Meghan Markle

As a timeless style icon, I need to always be looking my best. I'll be checking the new Style blog for inspiration and women's apparel department to get everything I need!

The Dude

Um, like whatever man. I'll pick up a rug because mine went missing, and check out the alcohol department to pick up some ingredients for white russians.

Roseanne Barr

I'm swapping my iPhone for the latest Xiaomi phone because my manager has advised that I stay off Twitter!

Khloe Kardasian

I'm picking up a Nut 3 smark tracker to attach to my next man!


I'll be scuttling around Baopals Supermarket and the pantry department to pick up the freshest and tastiest ingredients for my next masterpiece.

Elon Musk

I'm going to buy the best 4K TV and a VR set to go with it because I am clearly no longer living in the real world.


This is the face I made when I saw the amazing sales on gemstones in the jewelry department!

Ty Lue

I’m moving from Cleveland to LA, so I’m on the hunt for some sunglasses, shorts, and all the LeBron James apparel I can find. Take me back Bron!

Imperator Furiosa

I'm going to turn my apartment into my very own Green Place, and use 11/11 to stock up on some nice house plants.


I've got my hands full these days with twins, so I'm buying 2 of everything from the babies & toddlers department

John Marston

It's wanting that gets so many folk in trouble. That said, you could do worse than picking up a PS4 on sale, and that mighty fine game that just came out.

Barney Stinson

Do you even need to ask? I'll be browsing the absolutely legendary Baopals sexual wellness department of course.