The Most Popular Board Games of All Time

Having just returned from visiting family over the holidays and getting into heated arguments over Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit, we asked ourselves - which board games have people enjoyed and fought over the most? We did some googling - err, baidu-ing of course - and decided to follow this list, because they seem to have geeked out the most, weighing Amazon key term searches with sales on and Likert scale ratings for nostalgia, play, cult, and education. Right. Here are the 15 most popular (American-centric) board games of all time, all available on (a pretty good website).

1. Scrabble

It's all fun and games until someone loses an I.

2. Monopoly

Shout out to the billions of dollars made on a game designed to teach the dangers of capitalism.

3. Catan

The only time "I have wood for your sheep" is appropriate to say.

4. Qwirkle

Scrabble for the illiterate. Relax, they can't read this anyway.

5. Risk

Stole my friend's copy. It was a Risk I was willing to take.

6. Axis and Allies

Now you can play this classic to determine the rosters for WW3.

8. Battleship

No One: "How do we make a movie out of this game?"
Universal Pictures: "Aliens."

9. Jenga

Fun Fact: Chuck Norris plays Jenga with school buses.

10. Trivial Pursuit (MCU Version)

Oh, you choose Sports and Leisure? Let me ask you a question about horse racing in 1962.

11. Twister

You can also try the drinking version, where you put a different drink on each circle and spin the wheel until your head does the spinning.

12. Blokus

It's like Tetris, except instead of being mad at the game for beating you, you can be mad at your family.

13. Connect Four

TIL that Connect Four is the most memed game of all time.

14. Operation

Does it bother anyone else that the guy being operated on is wide awake?

15. Yahtzee

My life is in shambles, but I once scored Yahtzee on the first roll, so I've got that going for me.

Honorable Mentions

Last but not least, a few Baopals customer favorites! Happy gaming, and don't hold us responsible for any damaged or broken relationships as a result of these games.

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