The World Series: 15 Very Chinese Products

Ni hao! In our World Series, we profile 15 products from a country that we think capture that nation’s culture and lifestyle. We couldn't leave China out of this list, and with National Day coming up there is no better time to celebrate China (and all of the time we are going to get off work)! Without further ado, here are some of our favorite China inspired products.

Mahjong Shoulder Bag

Not feeling this bag? Chain smoke cigarettes and challenge your neighbors to a friendly game of mahjong.

City Metro Line Map

Metro maps from Beijing, Chongqing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen and many other awesome Chinese cities.

Xiaolongbao Airpods Case

Chinese people love to have cute cases for their electronics, and this is no exception.

Peking Opera Mask Mirror

When will my reflection show, who I am...insiiiiiiiiiide.

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei's latest phone has gone viral because of its lossless optical zoom and ultra-wide angle camera, making it the most advanced mobile phone camera ever. Huawei, you make China proud!

Feiyue Slip-On Sneakers

Feiyue is a popular sneaker brand that originated in Shanghai in the 1920's. If you've been living in China, you've probably seen them around if you don't own a pair already!

Children's Hanfu Robes

Just when we thought Chinese babies couldn't get any cuter...

Panda Meme Hat

Pandas...culturally specific memes...doesn't get more China than this!

Coconut Drink Hoodie

If you've lived in China, then you've probably eaten something too spicy for you to handle, and grabbed this coconut drink to put out the fire within.

Keep Calm & Drink More Hot Water T-Shirt

Chinese people believe that drinking hot water can fix everything. Feeling sick? Drink hot water! Going through a breakup? Drink hot water! Just got fired? Drink hot water!

Large Capacity Thermos Bottle

And what better way to store your hot water than in a classic thermos. Just don't get it mixed up with another elderly Chinese lady's thermos.

Laoganma iPhone Case

Represent China's leading lady with a memorable phone case.

Retro Ceramic Mug

Learn more about the rich history of China that helped shape it into the great country it is today!

Maotai Wine Canvas Shoes

The only thing better than a real bottle of Maotai.

Haidilao Instant Hot Pot * 2

Many of us know that it's like to queue for hours at China's famous hotpot restaurant Haidilao. Little did we know, they have instant hot pot that you can make right at home!