This One’s For Mom

She gave you life, and did her best to support you through all of the weird phases you went through (or are still going through). Here's to some of the most compassionate and bad ass people around: mothers!

Stenders Lavender Bath & Shower Set


Treat Mom to a bath and shower set that soothes, softens and leaves skin with a nice fragrance. Find more treat-yoself products from Stenders here.

Moet & Chandon Rose Champagne


Don't be offended if she asks you to just leave the bottle and leave her alone for the day.

Nespresso Automatic Coffee Machine


It's the gift that gives back. Caffeinated mother/wife = happy life.

Wooden Serving Tray


Serve your momma a delicious breakfast in bed to start her day off right (or just buy something and pretend you made it yourself).

Magic Mug

From ¥18.29

When this magic mug is filled with hot water, a photo is revealed. Submit an adorable family photo, or just a photo of yourself if you want to remind your mom of her greatest creation.

Mother's Day Card


Simple, classic and one of the sweetest gifts that money can't buy: the handwritten letter. Alternatively, you can go with some DIY arts and crafts. If you're lucky, she'll stick it on the fridge!

Customizable USB

From ¥64.60

Get your mom's name engraved on this USB and fill it up with some of her favorite television shows, movies or family photos.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

From ¥110.90

Let the warm glow and pleasant fragrance transport Mom away to a magical land free of any responsibilities.

Silky Sleeping Mask

From ¥67.85

This luxurious sleeping mask includes an optional gel insert to cool and relax the eyes after a long day of doing mom things.

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader


A great gift for the voracious reader mom, with options to magnify or look up any unknown words.

Mlily Memory Foam Pillow

From ¥153.95

Give your mom the gift of uninterrupted and blissful rest, which has been a luxury for the past [fill in your age here] years.

Aigo Digital Photo Album

From ¥321.95

Load a USB or SD card with photos your mom will love in a sweet slideshow that can be changed up at will.