Throw A Cheap & Cheerful Party For Your Kids

Organizing a kid's party isn't always easy, especially when you want to make sure that everyone has an amazing time and the kids don't get bored. We've found the best party supplies to make it truly unforgettable, whether it's for a birthday, family friendly get-together or other special event. And best of all, they aren't super pricy and you can probably auction off what's left to the other tired parents when the party is over!

If you really want to tire the kids out, put them to work by making them blow up all the balloons before the party even starts!

Party Rainbow Pinata


It's what inside that counts.

Wear a party hat so you can party hard. This also serves as a fun little DIY project to unleash some of that endless creative energy.

You can not please everyone, but chocolate can.

A party without cupcakes is just a meeting. Save some RMB by making some cupcakes at home yourself!

Let your kids have fun making their own cotton candy, and have some activities planned afterwards to channel that sugar rush into something productive.

The real "party animals".

If you're throwing a smaller party, there's nothing like an actual party themed board game to tie everything together. Check out some of our other board game suggestions here!

Become the parent that is the chief face painter for the party. Everyone knows that parent is the coolest!

This silly costume comes in both adult and child sizes and will take your party to the next level. You can also try to convince your kid to use the same costume for Halloween.

Twister is an important part of childhood, and no party should be without it!

These towels make a cute little gift to thank everyone for their participation. They're also good for wiping off your sweat at the end of a long day of running around with kids.