Top 18 Most Reviewed Products on Baopals

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Have you checked out Baopals customer reviews lately? We have over 52,000 reviews on a wide variety of products purchased by our customers all over China. Here are some of the top most favorably reviewed products!

Sharp Cheddar Cheese

I had despaired of finding real yellow cheddar in China, but this is the real deal! Creamy and sharp, as good as any I’ve had.
- robtak

Aromatherapy Diffuser Essential Oils

The scent was great and was sent out very rapidly.
- canisrufis

Devondale Australian Milk, 1L*10

Great tasting milk delivered to your door, that’s a win!
- AussieChad

Creative Ceramic Mugs

They are beautiful--I have bought a mix-match set and I love them!
- platyh

Thickened Winter Blanket

This blanket is soft, cozy and warm. A great spring or fall blanket. Double layer them for extra warmth.
- bluechakrabe

Lightweight Summer Pants

- sumi007

Fresh English Muffins

White Combi Cheese, 500g

Various Party Games

The product is exactly what I was hoping it would be. The box and cards are good quality and everything is in perfect English, including the instructions. It is the UK version, which is totally fine for me.
- safasandra88

Various Herb Plants

I am happy with my purchase, the plants arrived in good condition. I am taking good care and hope to keep them for a long time.
- rgmorbach

Pop Weaver Buttered Popcorn

None of that sweet popcorn bullshit. Buttery and salty just like the Good Lord intended.

Scented Candle

- Anonymous

BRAGG Apple Cider Vinegar

This is impossible to find in Chinese Supermarkets. Happy to have found it here. Its legit, good price and fast free delivery.
- melimevi

MLily Memory Foam Mattress Pad

I went for the big 20cm mattress topper and this thing has made sleeping so much more comfortable. I find myself falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer since I've started using it.
- mariel

Non-Slip Bedsheet

Makes a comfy and easy-to-wash futon cover. Hides the blood stains and puncture holes very well.
- azbedel

Plain Almonds, 500g

Fast delivery, Great almonds and decent price. What's not to like?
- GuillaumeB

Stainless Steel Reusable Straws

Saving the planet one less straw at a time. The straw cleaner is great, straws are hard to clean. You can also use it to clean any other straw shaped cylinders you may own
- mermaidmyth

Ceramic Baking Dish

Bigger than expected, would make a pretty decent size pasta bake or pie for one/two people, really well made and heavy!
- kirstyread97

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