What’s In Season | Fresh Fruits

The temperature these days just won't drop!

What's the best way to survive the heat? The brand new Baopals Supermarket officially opened recently, so it feels right to recommend a few juicy fruits from there to help us all cool down a little. Try freezing the fruits if you want to preserve them or use them in smoothies, or combine several of them together for a refreshing fruit salad!

Highly nutritious and healthy, you can add avocado to your salad, green smoothie or smash it and smother it on toast. And let's not forget about guacamole!

Blueberries, 125g*4


Bake some blueberry muffins, or simply eat them with yogurt or your morning breakfast cereal. Petite, sweet and tasty!

A delicious slice of cantaloupe will surely quench your thirst! Leave them in the freezer for a couple of hours to get some icy cantaloupe popsicles.

Make an old fashioned cherry cobbler with the help of your grandmother's recipe, enjoy them on their own or muddle them in a sweet cocktail.

Also called the pitaya, the dragon fruit is well-respected in South America as the "sacred fruit". People will often include it in fruit baskets as it is associated with wealth, health and longevity.

Known for its strong smell and creamy texture, the durian is crowned the King of Fruits. Handle these carefully when you receive them, or you might receive some complaints from your neighbors!

Figs, 180g*2


Among the first to be cultivated by humans, figs are also called No Flower Fruits in Chinese because their flowers bloom inside! They are commonly eaten dried or as jam.

Thai Longan, 1kg


Inside the bark-like shell of a longan, a round, black seed is embedded within sweet and tender flesh. It's no wonder the Chinese have given it a nickname of Dragon's Eye!

A luscious fruit that will always leave you craving more. Mangoes are tasty in smoothies and other cold beverages, and we recommend trying to make your own mango salsa if you dare!

You can make ice cream, jello or a delicious fruit punch with peaches! They're great in baked goods and smoothies as well.

What feels better than eating a whole watermelon with a spoon on a hot summer day?! Watermelons are a must for this season.

A common addition to salads, drinks, shaved ice, and cheesecake, passion fruit flesh could be sour or sweet. Some will also eat it with chili powder!