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Today's topic? Air Pollution Masks. We'll spare you the grisly details of air pollution levels in China and the detrimental effect it can have on your health. Taking precautionary measures with a dependable mask can help you breathe a bit easier, literally and figuratively. Here are are a few that will have you well on your way to living a long and healthy life.

3M Disposable Mask


3M masks are designed for use in construction/factory sites and more casual settings. They are disposable and can be worn a few times before requiring replacement. They are a good temporary option for short trips or commutes, but won't stay put for extended periods of time or during any kind of physical exercise.

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ID Mask


Created by a Beijing native (and as we all know, they're no stranger to air pollution), this mask has a soft silicone seal that adjusts to your facial movements without compromising the air-tight seal. Filters can be reused or changed daily, depending on pollution levels.

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Respro Cinqro Riding Mask


Between dodging scooters, construction sites and trucks dumping out exhaust, exposure to pollutants is especially high while riding a bicycle. These masks are specifically designed for the urban cyclist, with an annealed aluminum nose clip to create the most effective seal and dual ventilators.

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