The Best Of…Air Purifiers

With so many products available on Baopals, it can be difficult to identify or find the best item to suit your needs.

That's why we've started our new series, "The Best Of...", where we take a look through the vast depths of our website to find the best reviewed and highest rated products by consumers from all over the world. We've located the exact items on our website and verified their legitimacy. We then provide you with a link to purchase the product with confidence.

Today's topic? Air purifiers. They are an essential for people living in China, due to the heavy pollution levels that only increase during the winter. Thankfully, relief is to be had with a dependable air purifier that can effectively remove harmful pollutants so we can feel comfortable and breathe easy at home. And now, without further ado...

Blueair 503


As one of the highest rated air purifiers currently on the market, the Blueair 503 has been reported to work well in larger rooms, clearing air quickly and removing odors caused by cigarette smoke or pets. It is one of the quieter purifiers, only emitting noises while at top speed. Filters must be replaced every six months; the standard costs 633.80 RMB and the more powerful odor suppressing SmokeStop costs 950.90 RMB. This product comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.

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Coway AP1009CH


This air purifier has been praised highly by those suffering from chronic stuffy noses, allergies and asthma. While not the best at removing smells, the filter does an excellent job of removing dust, pollen and other airborne particles and has been complimented for its sleek design. Several users reported that it was very sensitive and could notice an immediate difference after turning it on. Find the official Coway store here to shop alternative air purifiers, filters and more. This product comes with a 1-year warranty from the seller, with on-site maintenance available in Shanghai and Beijing.

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Changhong KJ302F


The Changhong KJ302F has earned high ratings for its low noise levels, sensitive filtration system and effectiveness in areas up to 30 square meters. It also has a convenient air quality evaluation system indicated by light color changes visible on the purifier, with red (poor), green (general), blue (excellent). Replacement filters can be purchased here.

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Xiaomi Home Air Purifier 2


Xiaomi has garnered a good reputation in China for creating cost-effective, good quality electronics and their air purifiers have proven to be no exception. One of the best aspects of this air filter is that you can control it and monitor its effectiveness with the Mi Home app. This is a purifier that can effectively service small individual rooms, and look nice while doing it.

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