The Best Of… DSLR Cameras For Beginners

Welcome to "The Best Of...", where we take a look through the vast depths of our website to find the best reviewed and highest rated products by consumers from all over the world. We've located the exact items on our website and verified their legitimacy. We then provide you with a link to purchase the product with confidence.

Today's topic? DSLR Cameras. We've found several cameras great for beginners, with different kit options available that include accessories and starter lenses. If you're interested in making the upgrade from cell phone photographer you'll find your photos much improved with higher image quality, crisp colors and complete creative control. Start with a good camera body, and upgrade your lenses as your skills improve and confidence grows!


Canon EOS 1300D

From ¥2,714.90

For those looking for a solid camera to replace their iPhone for a quick post on Instagram or Facebook, look no further. With built-in wifi capabilities for quick sharing, automatic shooting modes, HD video shooting and in-camera creative filters, you'll wonder how you ever managed before.

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Nikon D3400

From ¥2,946.95

This camera has scored well across the board for its compact and lightweight body and excellent battery life. It offers additional features like 1080p HD video capture and a Bluetooth sharing system. There's a handy '?' button that you can press for an explanation of certain camera functions.

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Pentax K-70

From ¥4,521.95

This is a camera for the weekend warrior that takes their camera everywhere. From the hazy KTV room to the snow-capped mountains, this camera is dust-proof, weather-resistant and operates in temperatures as low as -10° C. It also has built-in sensors that reduce the effects of shaking on your photos. Fewer blurry photos means more memories captured forever!

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Nikon D500


For those of you looking to move beyond the more traditional amateur photography subjects of landscapes and portraits, this is the camera for you. With one of the most advanced autofocus systems on the market and lightning fast shooting speed, this is a great choice for action photography at sports games or capturing that cheetah sprinting by.

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