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Today's topic? Mattress Pads. Harder mattress are quite popular in China, but for those of us that prefer a softer bed, a mattress pad is the perfect solution. They are an inexpensive alternative to buying a new mattress, and are much more convenient to move around. Now you can invite people over, take them to your bedroom and say "This is where the magic happens".

Shoci Velvet Tatami Mattress Pad

90.95 - 153.95

Over 50,000 of these tatami style mattress pads have been purchased nationwide. Those are numbers we like. Customers have good things to say about the pad's soft, velvety cover and say it can be covered well with bed sheets. The pad also attaches to the bed with elastic bands that prevent it from moving around. It's a nice thickness that provides comfort, but is not so thick that you sink completely. Purchase an extra one for when a friend (the platonic kind) stays the night.

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MLily Memory Foam Mattress Pad

From ¥321.95 - 2,106.95

Available in a thickness of 5cm, 10cm and a whopping 20cm, MLily brand mattress pads are a popular choice amongst Chinese consumers for their design, comfort and value for money. Some users reported a mild smell when they first opened the package, but after airing it out the smell went away completely. A certain Baopals staff member says his 5cm mattress pad was a great choice, and that it is "like sleeping on lotion". We aren't sure exactly what that means but we are ready to find out. Find pillows, cushions and other goodies from MLily here.

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TEMPUR 7cm Mattress Pad

10,214.00 - 20,609.00

Tempur (Tempur-pedic) is a name synonymous with luxury, and their mattress pads are a fraction of the cost of a full sized mattress. The classic doughy Tempur material is praised for being extremely dense, resilient and comfortable. The mattress pad is designed to give support and mold to your body, alleviating tension in the neck, shoulders and spine. This product is sold by a trusted seller, so it's guaranteed that you are getting a genuine Tempur product. Find more bedroom delights from Tempur here.

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