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Welcome to "The Best Of...", where we take a look through the vast depths of our website to find the best reviewed and highest rated products by consumers from all over the world. We've located the exact items on our website and verified their legitimacy. We then provide you with a link to purchase the product with confidence.

Today's topic? Vaping Gear. We've found 3 sets great for beginners, with different kit options available that include accessories. If you want to stop smoking, vaping has been promoted as a very efficient and enjoyable way to do so.

Aspire PockeX


Everything you need to start vaping, with little to no knowledge required. If you are coming from smoking and want a one button shot, this vape is for you. Its 1500 mAh built-in battery will last you on the go.

Purchase the Aspire PockeX

BMI Mini/V2

From ¥722.00

A tank among box mods, this vape can survive drops and is as sturdy as it gets. The display is tucked away under a magnetized metal cover, and this beast takes two 1860 batteries and comes either without a tank or with various kits according to the option you chose.

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Hotfire Hero Box DNA200


With one of the best processing chips the market and a unique abalone finish, this vape is a work of art with a 900mAh LiPo battery with rapid charge capabilities and precise temperature control. A tank must be purchased separately.

Purchase the Hotfire Hero Box DNA200

Most if not all of the above products do require batteries. Please read up on battery safety and carry batteries in a battery box or the vape mod itself. If there is a built-in battery, be sure to charge it with the appropriate equipment.

None of the vaporizers here are unregulated, meaning they are generally safer to use and require less knowledge in terms of resistance and coil building, the perfect choice for a beginner. Mechanical/unregulated mods require a more intimate understanding of circuitry and the flow of electrical current.

Here are our top recommendations for e-liquid. Yum!


VGOD E-Liquid, 60ml


Naked E-Liquid, 60ml


Cafe Racer E-Liquid, 30ml


Our resident vape enthusiast on staff and guest author of this article, Bjorn S., says it best: "If you are new to vaping, read, talk to people that vape, visit a vape-shop, inform yourself, read reviews and stay safe."

And there you have it! Please contact us at if you have any additional questions about the different package options for the camera kits. We would be happy to assist you.