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Today’s topic? Wireless Headphones. While many prefer the comforts and quality of their trusty wired headphones, wireless headphones have recently grown in popularity and are continuously getting better and more affordable.

We've all experienced that jolting sensation when we get our headphone wires caught on something or ripped out as we walk away. Link a pair of wireless headphones with your laptop, phone or tablet and get a wide, wireless range of movement, making them the best option for exercising and moving around the house or office. And at the rate we're going, wireless headphones may very well be the choice of the future! Many of the newest phones on the market today are not built with a headphone jack, like the iPhone X and Xiaomi Mix 2.

We’ve found the best of wireless headphones that are sleek and streamlined, without sacrificing sound quality or battery life.

With over 110,000 reviews on Tmall, you can't really go wrong with this price if you want to first test out wireless headphones to see if they are right for you. Reviews praise the sound quality and that it can fold for easy storage. However, external sound isn't blocked as well, making them ideal for quieter work or academic environments.

Purchase the LoTong L1 Folding Wireless Headphones

These earphones offer up to 7 hours of battery life. Users have concluded that they stay in your ears well, making them a convenient choice for running or making phone calls. They also come with the quality and fast shipping time assurance that has made Xiaomi such a popular brand in China.

Purchase the Xiaomi Waterproof Wireless Earphones

These earphones will stay in through thick and thin, and their lightweight design can barely be felt while running. However, they are delicate so you must be careful when storing them. They block out external sound very well and have a Bluetooth range of up to 7 meters. They also come personally recommended by Baopals staff.

Purchase the Skullcandy Method Wireless Earphones

With soft, cushioned ear padding and a battery life up to 20 hours, this headset charges quickly and includes an optional cord if you feel like switching up your listening style. As with most wireless headphones, you can choose to operate it via your phone or the headphones themselves.

Purchase the Edifier W855BT Wireless Headphones

Your purchase includes a 6 month membership with PEAR Sports, an interactive coaching app with thousands of workouts and training plans. It also includes a water-resistant mesh USB charging pouch. They also come personally recommended by Baopals staff.

Purchase the Plantronics Backbeat Fit Boost

Beats Solo3 Wireless



These headphones have a new W1 chip found in Apple Airpods for seamless communication with any Apple devices. Perhaps its most impressive feature is that it boasts up to 50 hours of battery life, and 5 minutes of charging can get you up to 3 hours of music. It's also designed with rubber in the earpieces that make it a good choice for the gym.