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Today’s topic? Fitness Trackers. They've become massively popular in recent years as an easy and satisfying way to help you meet your fitness goals and monitor your health. They can give you concrete data on your body and daily routine, and monitor everything from your heart rate to your quality of sleep each night. Not to mention they look really sleek and futuristic on your wrist!

We’ve found the best of fitness trackers that can seamlessly integrate into your life. And yes, all of these options have English language settings!

This is the best starter fitness tracker option for a swimmer, as many of the more cost-friendly fitness band options do not offer swimming tracking. The Honor Band 3 offers detailed swimming and running tracking, can last up to a month between charges and the app makes it easy to set reminders for yourself so you can stay on track with your fitness goals.

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Xiaomi Mi Band 3


Xiaomi products have a great reputation in China, and their fitness tracker is no exception. The Mi Band 3 can go well over a month without needing a charge, and its minimal design and interface is exactly what you'd expect from Xiaomi. It offers sleep and heart rate monitoring, phone and message notifications, can work well 50m under water and can even give you the weather forecast. Raise your hand to brighten the screen, without even having to touch it.

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Dido Smart Watch

From ¥426.95

This smart watch can monitor blood pressure, heart rate and sleep quality. It also can work as a pedometer, calculate how many calories you have lost and receive voice calls and text messages. You can even connect set it up to give you a reminder to get up and stretch if you have been sitting too long at the computer, something all of are guilty of!

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In addition to the standard heart rate, blood pressure and heart monitoring, you can answer phone calls, access your contacts and control your music with this smart watch. You can also connect it with the Fitcloud app to help you find your mobile phone if you misplace it and hook it up to other apps like QQ and WeChat for seamless integration of your message notifications and alerts.

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Fitbit Alta HR


The Fitbit is perhaps the most well known fitness tracker on the market, and one of the draws to owning it is that you'll become a part of the Fitbit ecosystem and connect with like-minded fitness fanatics. The band is lightweight and secure, and its app offers detailed analysis on your sleep quality, heart rate, calories burned and overall health. Change the band to other fun colors if you feel like it!

This is one of the most advanced fitness trackers on the market, with pre-installed fitness apps, swimming tracking and an auto-tracking setting for your movements that will detect what type of exercise you are doing, pausing if you take breaks during your workout. Spotify users can sync the Great Fit 2 Pro with their account and listen offline anywhere. Unlike the majority of other options it has a magnetic charging system and watch closure.

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