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Today's topic? Laptops. Essential for both work and play, having a dependable, lightweight and structurally sound laptop can make your life a lot easier to manage. Be one of the first to try out USB-C ports, the smaller, universally friendly option that has become the new standard for laptops (don't forget to grab an adapter!).

Xiaomi Notebook Air, 13.3 In.


Continuing with their business model of producing good quality electronic devices for less than their competitors, Xiaomi's grand entrance into the laptop market has not disappointed. The design is very similar to the MacBook Pro from the trackpad down to the hinge  so we give them no points for originality. But if you're looking for the quality of a higher-end laptop without having to break the bank, look no further.

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Asus Zenbook 3, 12.5 In.

8,406.95 - ¥9,981.95

Boasting a thin, lightweight aluminum body and sharp 1080p display, this laptop gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The laptop body only has one USB-C port, but they've thoughtfully included an adapter with 3 USB 3.0 ports. For those of us that prefer a sleek look, Asus has added a few classy design elements with a glass covered trackpad, rose gold color options and fingerprint sensor. 

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4, 12.3 In.


Can a tablet eventually replace a laptop altogether? With the latest Intel processors, detachable keyboard and magnetic touchscreen stylus, the Microsoft Surface Pro might just be bridging the gap. Measuring in at a mere 8.4 mm thick and weighing 1.13 kg with the keyboard attachment, it's the perfect size for slipping into your bag while on the go, or your pocket if you are a giant.

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Apple MacBook Pro 2016, 13.3 In.

11,093.90 - ¥11,450.90

With a larger trackpad, beautiful Retina screen and touch ID enabled unlocking features, here we have the ultimate dream machine. As they tend to do, Apple has decided to dictate what the ports of the future are, so while you'll have the best of the best you'll also have the most of the most dongles. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing...USB-C ports are used for power, and they are conveniently located on either side of the laptop for easy access. Browse more from Zhuochen Digital, one of the best online sellers of electronics in China we've found thus far.

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Dell XPS 15, 15.6 In.

11,451.95 - ¥13,341.95

Dell is also a big player in the high-end laptop game, and this model includes a Thunderbolt 3.0, HDMI and our old friend the USB 3.0 port for those of us that prefer more convenient functionality. Despite its large size, it weighs only 1.78 kg and can still fit in a backpack for easy transport. It's built-in speakers and responsive trackpad with palm rejection technology have also received high praise.

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