The World Series: 15 Very Canadian Products

In our World Series, we profile 15 products from a country that we think capture the nation’s culture and lifestyle. Up next is Canada, the land of hockey, bagged milk, and pronouncing the letter Z as "zed". Canadians are known as a friendly bunch of people (they really do say "sorry" a lot) who love the gorgeous natural scenery the country is known for, and will never let you forget about their famously cold climates. Get to know Canada even better with this round-up of products that are as rich in national heritage as beavers, the maple leaf, and double-double coffees.

Maple Syrup, 50 mL

Of course we have to start off with maple syrup. There'd probably be a riot if we didn't include this quintessential Canadian product.

M.A.C. Studio Liquid Foundation

This liquid foundation from Canada-based brand M.A.C. is a cult favourite, and for good reason. Just see for yourself!

Brookside Dark Chocolate Fruit Snacks, 800g

Get snacking, Canadian-style, with these yummy little chocolate-covered bites. There's fruit in it too, so they're good for you right?

Lululemon Yoga Mat

Where else can you get your yoga on with the perfect mat, if it's not from Lululemon?

Arc'teryx Men's Tee

Leave it to Canadians to figure out how to make clothes that are both technical and comfy, suitable for a casual day or a hiking expedition. Either way, you'll definitely look effortlessly cool in this multifunctional tee from Arc'teryx.

Tim Horton's Coffee Grounds, 300g

O Canada, the land of good ol' Timmies. If you can't make it to their first Chinese location in Shanghai, you can always brew this Canadian classic right at home.

Roots Knit Sweatpants

Kick back and relax in these comfy sweats from the brand that's so Canadian, its logo is a beaver.

Crown Royal Rye Whiskey, 1L

Need a smooth whiskey, fit for a king? Look no further than the iconic Crown Royal.

BITE Beauty Lipstick

Canada is home to some of the best cosmetic brands out there, including BITE Beauty. Turn some heads with this vibrant and bold lipstick.

TNA Women's Leggings

You'd be hard-pressed to find a women's closet in Canada that doesn't have at least one pair of TNA leggings from the country's most popular boutique. These are so comfortable to have on, you'll probably forget you're even wearing any bottoms.

Herschel Supply Retreat Backpack

Yep, it's true: there are tons of trees, lakes and other sorts of nature over in Canada. This Canadian-made backpack from Herschel is going to be your new best friend if you're the outdoor adventurer type.

Pillitteri Ice Wine, 375ml

Canada makes the most out of those super-long and super-cold winters by being the largest ice wine producer in the world! Try out this classic from one of the finest estate wineries the country has to offer.

Canada Goose Toque

No collection of Canadian things is complete without the king of arctic luxury, Canada Goose. A trusty toque is a must-have for Canadians as an ultra-comfy accessory that is also great for keeping you warm--just ask those hockey players who wear them under their helmets!

Maple Bonbons

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these cute little lollipops made from none other than Canadian maple syrup.

Wool Blend Sweater

Canadians win the cold-weather chic game, hands-down. Stay cozy and fashionable with these wool sweaters that they would definitely approve of. Guys, stay warm too with this men's version!