The World Series: 15 Very Czech & Slovakian Products

In our World Series, we profile 15 products from a country that we think capture the nation’s culture and lifestyle. Up next are the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Two countries separated by politics, but still connected by their people! It's safe to say that people from both countries love to drink and eat a lot, and complain about politics. It's a region well known for it's beautiful women and nature, and people there won't smile unless they really mean it! Here are some of our favorite products that encapsulate the culture.

ABSINTH35 Imported Czech Absinthe, 500ml

It's 70% alcohol. Do we need to say more?

Honey Czech Imported Medovina, 350ml

Enjoy it every day, even if you have a cold!

Chilli Honey Czech Imported Medovina, 350ml

And if you prefer your mead with a little kick, we recommend going for this option.

Pilsner Urquell Beer, 330ml * 6

The best beer in the world, according to anyone that knows beer. Only Germans and Belgians wouldn't agree (but they are wrong).

Hubert Club Sparkling Wine, 750ml * 6

The most classic champagne found in the region. Na zdravie!

Matysaka Grape Juice, 1L

This delicious juice is free of preservatives, aids with digestion and is recommended for people of all ages, including breastfeeding or pregnant women.

RONA Crystal Decanter

RONA is a Slovak drinking glassware manufacturer that's been around since 1892. Where else are you going to keep all of that alcohol?

Marlenka Honey Walnut Cake, 800g

This is a very typical Czech cake loved by all. It's traditionally made with honey and condensed milk. Get the lemon version here.

Czech Bona Vita Musli

This is how the Czechs stay strong and healthy!

Novesta Canvas Shoes

Support local Slovakian manufacturers with shoes that aren't actually made in China!

Dermacol Waterproof Concealer

This high-end cosmetics brand is from the Czech Republic, and their concealer is a cult classic sold throughout the world.

Monastery Officine Feminine Wash

This luxurious feminine wash is actually quite popular in China and is made with essential oils and all natural organic ingredients. Treat yoself.

BATA Basic Flats

While it is now Canadian owned, BATA Shoe Company started in 1894 in the Czech Republic and employed 10 people, very impressive during the time period. Now it employs over 30,000 people! Find more shoes from BATA here.

Hortus Apothicus Dead Sea Mud Soap

Hortus Apothicus products are made in the Czech Republic and combine traditional soap making techniques with modern tastes. Their products can be found all over the world and their Dead Sea Mud Soap is a bestseller!

Tescoma Fondue Pot

Put chocolate on everything. Find more high-end baking tools from Czech brand Tescoma here!