The World Series: 15 Very Indonesian Products

In our World Series, we profile 15 products from a country that we think capture the nation’s culture and lifestyle. Today we are featuring Indonesia! Indonesian people are fun, friendly and can get really loud when they are excited. They pride themselves on their beautiful natural scenery, cuisine, coffee and rich culture. Luckily, it’s now easier than ever to find authentic Indonesian products in China. Here’s a list of some of our favorites.

Indomie Mie Goreng Dry Instant Noodles

Indomie, seleraku. Every Indonesian knows about these instant noodles. We recommend checking out Youtube to find many creative ways to cook it!

ABC Shrimp Paste Chilli Sauce

This is Indonesian chili sauce with a touch of shrimp paste. Use it as a dipping sauce with fried chicken or enjoy it with rice. Give it a try if you want to eat like a local.

ABC Extra Hot Chili Sauce

You will find that many Indonesians carry a bottle of this sauce with them when they go abroad, even if it's a short trip.

Indonesian ABC Sweet Soy Sauce

Indonesians call it kecap manis or ketjap manis. Everything tastes so tasty and sweet with a touch of this sauce!

Papatonk Shrimp Crackers (Ready To Eat)

It’s kerupuk udang or shrimp cracker snacks, the favorite snack of Indonesians everywhere.

Finna Raw Shrimp Crackers

Be sure to fry them properly to get the best result. Their crunchy texture and salty flavor will make you crave more!


It’s tempeh, but Indonesians call it tempe, without the “h”. It's made with soybeans, making it perfect for vegan dishes!

Indonesian Kara Coconut Milk

This is the ultimate ingredient to make beef rendang, curry, nasi uduk or nasi lemak (coconut rice), cendol, sago dessert, and many more exotic dishes.

Indonesian Bamboe Rendang Sauce

Do you know that rendang was nominated as the number 1 best food in the world by CNN Travel? Buy this instant sauce to make your own if you’re curious to try it for yourself.

Indonesian Luwak/Civet coffee

This is one of the most expensive coffees in the world. It includes partially digested coffee cherries, eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet, but it’s a real delicacy for some people. What can we say... Asians love to eat weird things!

Indonesian Kapal Api Easy Drip Luwak Blend

For a more affordable option, this luwak blend coffee comes in convenient packaging that you can take anywhere.

Gayo Sumatera Mandheling Drip Coffee

This is a great choice for coffee lovers that want to try something new. It has an intense herbal and earthy aroma, unlike anything you've ever tried before!

Kopiko Instant White Coffee * 2

If you’re not a fan of some strong coffee, opt for this sweet and smooth white coffee popular throughout Asia.

Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies

These cookies are a perfect companion with coffee or tea. It’s not a traditional dish of Indonesia, but it is produced there. You're welcome!

Indonesian Eucalyptus/Cajuput Oil

Minyak kayu putih, as Indonesians call it, is commonly used as a medicinal oil. If you catch a cold or suffer from allergies, rub it on your body or smell it to feel better. Not only does it have a fresh aroma, but it can also can act as a disinfectant.