The World Series: 15 Very Italian Products

In our World Series, we profile 15 products from a country that we think capture the nation’s culture and lifestyle. Today we are featuring Italy. There are many different kinds of Italians; mostly they are known as friendly, well dressed people, but careful not to touch their pasta!

Italian Moka Pot

The classic Italian Moka Pot from Bialetti, the inventor itself. Ideal for a quick morning espresso. If you need the right coffee powder, we would suggest Illy.

Gaggia Coffee Machine

If you are looking for the convenience of an automatic coffee machine, Gaggia is your premium Italian choice. And if you are looking for coffee beans, Lavazza is what you are looking for.

Panettone Christmas Cake, 750g

The classic Christmas sweet bread. When I was young, I preferred pandoro, as it was sweeter and didn't have any raisins. Then I grew up and understood the complexity of panettone: its elaborate taste resembles the complexity of life. Thanks for making me a man!

Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese

Undoubtedly, one of the best Italian cheeses, along with is alter ego and nemesis grana padano. Ideal for different recipes, or on its own. Do not call it Parmesan!

Gorgonzola Blue Stinky Cheese, 180g

Another Italian masterpiece that is simply delicious. Who cares about your friends complaining about the smell? Maybe they are not as cultured as you thought.

VERSACE JEANS Printed Men's Coat

A fancy coat from Versace Jeans had to make this list. You can find more products from this brand here.

Diesel Men's Jeans

Speaking of clothes, Diesel's iconic jeans will keep you warm during winter, but also to make you look good. More from the Italian alternative brand here.

Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia Perfume, 50ml

This fresh and feminine fragrance from Giorgio Armani is suitable for every season. For the lady who wants to leave a distinctive mark. More from Armani here.

DOCG Prosecco, 750ml

The best-selling sparkling wine in the world by volume in 2018 (sorry, Champagne). Ideal for every situation, from a formal celebration to a party with friends.

Nutella, 350g

Che mondo sarebbe senza Nutella?
What world would it be without Nutella?
A more physically fit world, probably. But would it be equally happy?

DE CECCO Bowknot Macaroni Farfalle, 500g

How could a list of Italian products not have this? If you like pasta, this farfalle will make you fly like a butterfly.

Cirio Tomato Sauce, 350g

You have the pasta, now you need the right sauce. The basic passata still, without any tomato residue. Perfection.

Imported Amaro Montenegro Liquor

The best reward for flying an airplane during a storm to recover an ancient vase (actual Italian commercial). Drink responsibly (and not at all, while you are flying an airplane).

Gucci Men's Sunglasses

Many Italians think that everyone’s look can be improved by wearing a pair of sunglasses. If you agree, here are some very good ones from Gucci.

DOCG Grade Barolo Dry Red Wine

One of the best red wines in the world, and one of the most distinctive ones. Rich, full-bodied and ideal to accompany many different dishes (meat dishes in particular).