The World Series: 15 Very Vietnamese Products

In our World Series, we profile 15 products from a country that we think capture the nation’s culture and lifestyle. Today we are featuring Vietnam! Vietnamese people are crazy, but friendly, and take great pride in their cuisine, coffee and handmade products. It is hard to find authentic Vietnamese restaurants in China, but it is not hard to find authentic Vietnamese products. Here’s a list of products that you can get to make everyone think your surname is Nguyen too.

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VietnamG7 Three-In-One Instant Coffee

If you want a quick Vietnamese coffee, this is a good choice. We recommend using two packets for extra strong flavor.

Durian Cake, 400g * 3

Either you'll love it or you'll hate it!

Vinamit Dried Jack Fruit, 80g

This is the better-smelling sweet, sweet relative of durian. It's a great snack, fresh or dried.

Fresh Lemongrass, 500g

Vietnamese people use lemongrass in many dishes. You can chop it into small pieces and stir fry it with thinly sliced beef and fresh red chili peppers for a super easy and delicious meal.

Pho Spice Cubes

This is better than the pho you'll find in China! Just add some thinly sliced meat and pho noodles. You won't have to pay 60 RMB, yet still get a good bowl of pho.

Vietnamese Fish Sauce, 500ml * 4

Add this to everything. Including your omelette!

Chin-Su Chili Sauce

The Vietnamese add this to, well, almost everything. It especially tastes great with fried rice.

Vietnamese Coconut Candy, 400g

The easiest way to bribe a Vietnamese kid.

Hoang Long Mung Bean Cake

Hai Duong city is the birthplace of this sweet and tasty snack. Try it with green tea and you will discover a whole new world of afternoon tea deliciousness!

White Tiger Ointment

Vietnamese don't go to the doctor, Vietnamese use White Tiger Ointment.

Retro Vintage Kerosene Lamp

This classic oil lamp is what every countryside house had in Vietnam. Turn off your IKEA lamp and have a cozy evening in Vietnamese style.

Vietnamese Woven Trays

These trays are commonly used to sun dry food, or used as lids to cover leftover food by moms and grandmas that don’t want their children to ruin the earth with plastic wrap.

Vietnamese Traditional Dress

This white traditional dress is the traditional school uniform for Mondays or holidays in high schools in Vietnam. Most Vietnamese women have several of these dresses to wear on formal occasions. It’s basically the “little black dress” of Vietnamese fashion.

Vietnam Traditional Lanterns

Want to have a gorgeous selfie with colorful lanterns in the background for your #travelgram, yet have no time or money to go to Hoi An? Purchase these lamps and fill up your wall at home for a lot less money!

Vietnam Bamboo "Non" Hat

Very often mistaken for the straw hats of China, this version doesn’t have a section that fits around your head inside it and is woven in a different way. It's often paired with floral linen pajamas in the afternoon by housewives at wet markets.