The World Series: 15 Very Russian Products

In our World Series, we profile 15 products from a country that we think capture the nation’s culture and lifestyle. Today we are featuring Russia! Many Russian people live in China, and they might laugh at you if you complain about how cold China is. Don't be a babushka and try these classic Russian products for yourself!

KDV Chocolate Toffee Candy, 500g

It's chocolate toffee. We will say no more.

Borscht Soup Powder, 70g

Don't try to pronounce it. Just add some water.

Sunflower Seeds, 100g * 3

If you are struggling to find unsweetened sunflower seeds in China, these bad boys will come to the rescue! Original and salty flavors are available.

Canned Sardines, 160g

"Cramson salutes his comrades in Russia for having such quality sardines. Best canned sardines I've had so far." - Cramson

Russian Buckwheat, 800g

Most Russians know for a fact that buckwheat is one of the best foods to eat if you want to lose weight. It's also great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Russian Imported Red Caviar, 130g

Traditionally, it's served for New Year's dinner with bread and butter.

Doshirak Instant Noodle Cup, 110g

Yes, this is a very Russian product. Ask anyone who has ever been a student.

Tsar Vodka, 700ml

It this product wasn't in the article, there would be questions.

Faux Fur Coat

Feeling pressure to look good under severe weather conditions? Here is an elegant solution that a Russian would approve of.

Nemiroff Cranberry Vodka, 1L

Vodka and cranberry juice, already mixed together. You're welcome.

Alyonka Milk Chocolate

This company was founded in 1851, and it's still making good stuff.

Putin T-Shirt

What could be more Russian?

LaowaiMe Knit Socks

Embrace your new identity as a Russian laowai in China with socks that say "socks" in both Russian and Chinese!

Crime And Punishment

Everything you ever wanted to know about the dark Russian soul is in this book.

Russian Fur Hat

It’s a fashion statement from the past! We personally have no idea how this hat keeps you warm when it’s -30 outside, but it does.